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Reiki Master Kenny TUTORIAL: "How To Channel Healing Energy"

By Rev. Kenneth Dyer, Psychic Healer

Everyone is fully capable of channeling healing energy through their hands. Most people in the United States and in the west simply have not heard of Reiki, energy healing, or the concept of laying on of hands healing. It is really a very simple process and anyone can learn in a matter of minutes. Developing a talent for it can take time, but learning how to channel the energy is quick and easy.

My personal definition of “God” is that “God/Goddess is a genderless, omnipotent, pervasive life force energy of pure unconditional love that permeates through all things. God/Goddess is all. All is God/Goddess. You are God/Goddess. We are all one with God/Goddess.” As a matter of fact, I don’t even refer to is as “God” I refer to it as “The Love of the Universe.” My personal “God” is LOVE. The universe is all one body of energy as was proven scientifically by Einstein, and “God” is LOVE, which is great because there is no dogma to follow. Simply follow your heart and do what feels right. If you’re coming from LOVE you can’t lose. In the battle between the head and the heart, the heart always wins. When you are following the most LOVING aspect of yourself, you are “God” in human form and you are being you in your most divine form. We all have “God” within us, and we all have the capacity to heal. The most powerful form of energy in the universe, the greatest healing energy that there is, is LOVE. Therefore all healings are coming directly from “God” through you.

To channel the energy place your hands, palms down with your fingers closed on the recipient in the area that requires healing. If it is a headache the head, a sore throat the throat, hurt feelings the heart, etc. Visualize a large golden SUN above your head, radiating the most positive, LOVING golden rays of energy (LIGHT) that you can imagine. See it going through the top of your head all the way down the back of your spine to the base, and then back up through the LOVE of your heart and out through both of your hands. It’s that simple. And you need to know that INTENTION is the most important thing that there is. Make it your FIRM INTENTION to send the recipient the most powerful, LOVING, healing energy that you can imagine and visualize your desired results as well. Picture the person healed.

Important: The energy that you are sending the recipient is NOT your own personal energy, it is UNIVERSAL ENERGY that you are simply a channel for. Do not give your own energy it will drain you. Send them energy from the unlimited supply of universal energy. While you do this, considering the fact that it’s running through you, you’ll benefit from it as well. ;-) One last thing, you can do SELF HEALINGS. Simply place your hands in any area that’s comfortable (stomach for example) and then visualize the energy going anywhere it needs to go, your neck for example. Or throat. Or wherever needed. I do this almost nightly as I lay down to go to sleep.

Namaste and Happy Healing.